The Horn Pendant Large

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The Horn

The earliest known use in India by Gautana Buddha as
Karana Mudra for expulsion of demons and removal of
obstacles like sickness or negative thoughts. In the
Mediterranaen Culture the sign of the Horn may be given
to ward off bad luck, and the “evil eye”.

With fingers down it’s more the equivalent of “knocking on wood”

- Handmade in Los Angeles

- H 37mm x W 12.5mm pendant drop (approximately)

Tristan and Isolde Cuff: X and O design VS
Diamonds 0.08ct   

Aurora Cuff: Single row of VS Diamonds 0.32ct 

Hemera Cuff: Double row of VS Diamonds 0.6ct 

- Chain and Clasp sold separately

Mixed metals and Bespoke available on request.

All pieces are handmade to order.