The Servant Pendant Small

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The Servant

Representing Saturn. Because of it’s central location it is
“The balance wheel”. Holding the roof for all other fingers/
planets. Symbolizes responsibility, justice, the law and souls
searching. The sense of right and wrong, search for truth,
propriety, self analysis. In meditation it imparts patience,
wisdom and purity.

If we stretch our hands / fingers up towards the heavens
this finger reaches the closest.

- Handmade in Los Angeles

- H 30mm x W 9mm pendant drop (approximately)

Tristan and Isolde Cuff: X and O design VS Diamonds

Aurora Cuff: Single row of VS Diamonds 0.19ct 

Hemera Cuff: Double row of VS Diamonds 0.6ct 

- Chain and Clasp sold separately

Mixed metals and Bespoke available on request.

All pieces are handmade to order.