My first blog

My first blog

Posted by Fred on Dec 17th 2016

Taken during my first morning walk back in Stockholm in 7 Months.

So this is actually something strange for me to do, write a blog. How and why would I set out to do such a daunting task? I guess I want to share some of the many situations and issues that come up in my life in a forum of my own choosing and in a time frame that works for me. I have to be honest, I have no particular goal in sharing other than maybe reaching out to people interested in similar things and matters as myself.

As a native Swede and an American "implant" of more than 25 years this will surely color my take on things. For the past 8 years I've been back in Sweden more or less full time. As of late I have spent 7 months in the USA and as a result of that I find myself launching this new venture which will to a large portion, at least initially, be based in the USA.

My desire with the web-site is that it will house what ever I think is fun and exciting under one label FREDLOVES. Also, my goal here is to be a no-country bound site....the site lives in what ever imaginative cyberspace area all of cyber commerce is located....all seems as complex to imagine as the black holes of the universe...or the universe it self.

My interests, concerns and desires in life are many, they may also change at any given don't hold me to any of liberating to write that! I have always tried to "do and say the right thing" which has proven never to work in my favor or anyone else's either, on the contrary the only one that has even known that this is what I am doing is me! Other people just go on living their lives....this is my attempt to be brave enough to try and do the same. So live and let live sounds like a great goal.

All that is shared here, all that I write is my opinion and my thoughts and ideas about things, nothing that anyone that reads this will or have to agree on. My desire is to encourage people to do the things in life that make them happy and fulfilled, life is to short not to. I have just figured that out at this mature age, go figure. Well as they say, better late than never.

FREDLOVES contains many different products and themes. As I had mentioned, I want no restrictions on what will be included on the site. I love jewelry, so we will have some different jewelry lines on the site, some my own, some collaborations with others. I will have some interior products, clothing, my art - paintings and photography and other peoples art as well.

Lets see what my heart desires. I love film, poetry, beauty, music, our inner journey, health, travel, as you see difficult to specify. I find it freeing and I hope that you do too.

I look forward to continue unfolding the story of why and how this site came about, not to mention why I have a nickname such as Fred.