The Crossed Fingers Pendant Large

$1,775.00 - $7,630.00
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The Crossed Fingers 

In 16th Century England, people crossed fingers or made
the sign of the cross in order to ward off evil. It was a
symbol used to implore God's protection. At other times
hope for good fortune and good luck.

- Handmade in Los Angeles

- H 36mm x W 11mm pendant drop (approximately)

Tristan and Isolde Cuff: X and O design VS
Diamonds 0.08ct   

Aurora Cuff: Single row of VS Diamonds 0.32ct 

Hemera Cuff: Double row of VS Diamonds 0.6ct 

- Chain and Clasp sold separately

Mixed metals and Bespoke available on request.

All pieces are handmade to order.