The Gyan Mudra Macrame' Bracelet

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The Gyan Mudra 

Known as the starting place, it represents the home within 
us. Clears mental facilities. This Mudra imparts receptivity 
and calm. Relieves stress and transcends worldly problems.

In Yoga/Asanas and meditation the Mudras are used with 
breathing exercises to stimulate different parts of the body 
and to affect the flow of Prana/Life force. It is an all-
pervasive organic energy. The closed circle of the index 
finger and the thumb depict the actual goal of Yoga - the 
unification of Atman, the individual soul, with Brahman, the 
world soul.


The Gyan Mudra XS Macrame' Bracelet

• Handmade Macrame' Bracelet

• Black Irish Linen Cord

• 925 Silver

• 17.20m x 5.15m pendant (approximately)

• All Beads Handmade 

• Made in Los Angeles