The Namaste Bracelet Silver

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I respect the divinity within you that is also within 
me. This gesture represents the belief that there 
is a divine spark within each of us that is located 
in the Heart Chakra. The acknowledgment of the 
soul in one by the soul of another.

Between a student and a teacher the gesture 
Namaste can help the individuals come together 
energetically. The students are helped to connect
with their lineage, thereby allowing the truth to 
flow. The truth that we are all one when we live 
from the heart. As a Mudra it is called Anjali Mudra. 

Handcrafted of 925 Silver, FREDLOVES Namaste 
bracelet features a Namaste hands pendant. This 
charming pendant is suspended from a polished 
925 Silver fine cable chain that secures with a 
Trigger clasp, 2" extender and a FREDLOVES tag. 

• Handmade

• 925 Silver

• 3.17cm pendant drop (approximately)

• Made in Los Angeles


FREDLOVES's bracelet is handcrafted of polished 
925 Silver Cable Chain. Made in Los Angeles, this 
adjustable piece is designed to be worn with the 
brand's distinctive pendants.

• 925 Silver Cable chain

• 2" Extender


• 9.5mm Trigger Clasp

• Made in Los Angeles