The Horn Large Gold

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The Horn

In Buddhism - “Expulsion of demons and removal
of obstacles like sickness and negative thoughts”.
(”Beskyddar oss från allt ont. Hjälper oss igenom -
våra prövningar, sjukdomar och negativa tankar”)
In Indian classic dance it means - “Lion” (I Indisk
klassisk dans betyder det - "Lejon”)
In Italian culture the sign may be given to “ward
off bad luck” and it also means the same as
“knocking on wood”. (Italiensk kultur kan man
använda den för att  - "Avvärja otur" och "Knacka
i trä"). 

It is also used to ward off the “evil eye” ( Även
skydd mot - "Onda ögat" betyder skydd mot
avundsjuka, avund")

• Handmade

• 3 Micron Gold Plated Brass

• 4.12cm x 1.55cm pendant drop (approximately)

• Made in Los Angeles


FREDLOVES's necklace is handcrafted of polished
14k Yellow Gold filled Cable Chain. Made in Los
Angeles, this adjustable piece is designed to be
worn with the brand's distinctive pendants.

• 14k Gold Filled Cable chain

• 2" Extender


• 9.5mm Trigger Clasp

• Made in Los Angeles

Chains are designed to be worn with FREDLOVES
Pendants. The Pendants are sold separately or 
with chain.