The Guru Pendant Large

$1,760.00 - $7,820.00
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The Guru

The Guru symbolizes Jupiter. It represents the mind - the 
power of thought. Having the ability to reflect and inspire, 
helping us draw on our innermost being, intuition and 
receive inspiration. It represents our self worth and our 
will. This aspect that resides within each of us, the inner 
Guru, points us towards our most favorable direction in life.

Leadership, authority, self-confidence, ambition, executive 
ability and spirituality.

- Handmade in Los Angeles

- H 36mm x W 12mm pendant drop (approximately)

Tristan and Isolde Cuff: X and O design VS Diamonds 

Aurora Cuff: Single row of VS Diamonds 0.32ct 

Hemera Cuff: Double row of VS Diamonds 0.6ct 

- Chain and Clasp sold separately

Mixed metals and Bespoke available on request.

All pieces are handmade to order.