The Heart Chakra Macrame' Bracelet

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The Heart Chakra 

Fourth Chakra. In Sanskrit – Anahata Chakra. Heart Chakra.

This chakra is linked to both physical and spiritual aspects.
It can take energies from both upper and lower chakras.
This will help you transform them into energy that forms
your ideas, dreams and thoughts. You use this chakra to
touch others with love and compassion. In Sanskrit in means
“The unstuck”. 

When in balance; You feel free yet grounded. Accepting of
yourself. Trusting and compassionate, toward yourself and
all beings. Give and receive love and joy. Important in
helping manifest ideas into physical reality. It is where the
physical and spiritual meet. 

When out of balance; If this chakra is over active it will
be difficult to be grounded. You may feel lonely and afraid
of being hurt. On the other hand if this chakra is under
active you may feel weighed down with a lack of joy in life.
You may become possessive and jealous, even selfish. With
the heart chakra out of balance you may feel unfulfilled 

An Air Element. 

In Meditation; When meditating on this chakra you clear
your mind of it’s limited thinking and makes your body-
mind- and spirit lighter. The Buddhists use a meditation
technique called metta or loving kindness to open up the
Heart Chakra  and heal old emotional wounds.


The Heart Chakra Macrame' Bracelet

• Handmade Macrame' Bracelet

• Black Irish Linen Cord

• 925 Silver

• 45mm x 35mm Chakra Bead (approximately)

• All Beads Handmade 

• Made in Los Angeles