The Third Eye Chakra Macrame' Bracelet

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The Third Eye Chakra 

Sixth Chakra. In Sanskrit – Ajna Chakra. Third eye or Brow

Your conscious and subconscious mind is governed here.
Your inner wisdom is housed here. It allows you to see
beyond your physical existence. 

When in balance; In this chakra your rationality, emotional
intellect and wisdom is housed, a gateway to all your
senses and beyond. Here you get deeply connected to your
intuition. Material possessions lessen in their importance.
In touch with yourself over and beyond our physical world. 

When out of balance; You may not have an inner vision.
You may lack discipline. Have a fear of success. You can
set your goals and standards too low. Having difficulty
recognizing subtle signs. If this chakra is overly active it
may imply that you are “living in your head”. If so you 
can forget that your heart and mind need to be in balance.
This may result in self-righteousness. 

This may be considered the “mind element”. 

In Meditation; When you meditate on this chakra, it will
help achieve mindfulness which in turn means an
emptying of theendless chatter of the mind. You can
clear the path toward inner stillness and peace.


The Third Eye Chakra Macrame' Bracelet

• Handmade Macrame' Bracelet

• Black Irish Linen Cord

• 925 Silver

• 45mm x 35mm Chakra Bead (approximately)

• All Beads Handmade 

• Made in Los Angeles