The Crown Chakra Macrame' Bracelet

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The Crown Chakra 

Seventh Chakra. In Sanskrit- Sahasrara Chakra. Crown

This chakra is considered, ”the doorway”. The pathway to your
higher consciousness. It may take us beyond the physical 
worldly things and lead us toward the divine universal energy. 

When in balance; You can see beyond the material world and
into your true essence and nature. Being in balance and open
allows you to experiencing more joy and delight, having
access to your intuitive nature and inner guidance. You can
be drawn toward spiritual teachings, you understand them
and, feel a connection to them. The teachings make you feel 
that you receive divine guidance and this in turn makes you
feel at home and in peace with yourself and the world. 

When out of balance; It may limit your idea of who you are
beyond the material world. You may struggle with your 
connection to the world around you, and the joys of life.
Devoid of energy, stuck in the past, worried about the future. 
You will be lacking in creativity and spirituality. Your sense
of wonder, nonexistent. You may become very materialistic. 
You vision of a successful life linked solely to your material

In Meditation; Meditating on the Crown Chakra will open
up the door to your inner spirit. An understanding and 
knowledge of who, you are, your divine source. Seeing,
on a deeper level, a universal connection within all 
beings. In touch with you spirits deepest joy.


The Crown Chakra Macrame' Bracelet

• Handmade Macrame' Bracelet

• Black Irish Linen Cord

• 925 Silver

• 45mm x 35mm Chakra Bead (approximately)

• All Beads Handmade 

• Made in Los Angeles