The Root Chakra Macrame' Bracelet

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The Root Chakra 

First Chakra. This chakra represents our physical body. It is also where
we connect with our physical body. It’s our energy 
foundation. Through this chakra you are guided on your
journey through life. 

When in balance; it gives us a feeling of security and a solid
foundation within ourselves. 

When out of balance; we may feel disconnected from others
or over concerned with our personal survival and security.

This chakra supports the other chakras.

An Earth Element

In Meditation; Focus on images that will
ground you in present time.


The Root Chakra Macrame' Bracelet

• Handmade Macrame' Bracelet

• Black Irish Linen Cord

• 925 Silver

• 45mm x 35mm Chakra Bead (approximately)

• All Beads Handmade 

• Made in Los Angeles